Report from Durrës after Earthquake. Non-Normative Buildings | KRISTIANA MEÇO, STEISI VOGLI

Report from Durrës after Earthquake. Non-Normative Buildings | KRISTIANA MEÇO, STEISI VOGLI

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Report from Durrës after Earthquake. Non-Normative Buildings


Author: Kristiana Meço, Steisi Vogli
Affiliation: Polis University

Durrës is a city of historical and economic importance. With an important geographical position, the city has a harmonious development in terms of culture, economy, and history, with an important port where the past lives with the present and develops the future. The city of Durrës has great architectural and urban values, consisting of a combination of squares of coastal space, monuments, galleries, museums, and buildings of architectural importance. This historical-cultural city was hit by a powerful earthquake recently, on November 26, 2019, which caused both physical and psychological hardships to all the residents. This article shows the emotional effect caused by the earthquake, and the consequences of the latter on the cultural heritage and contemporary built form of the city. Some buildings were destroyed, and others were deformed on the facades but not in the structure. This paper shows how Durrës, a historical city, is affected by and loses its original image because of a very harmful earthquake. The paper also proposes to rebuild it again and keep its identity.

Publisher: Polis_press

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