Business Complexity and Meta-World Economics

In the ever-evolving world of business, navigating complexity has become a defining challenge. “Business Complexity and Meta-World Economics” embarks on a journey through the intricate web of modern business environments. This series sets out to unravel the layers of complexity that shape industries, organizations, and global markets, offering a narrative-driven exploration of the dynamic interplay between business functions and the broader economic landscape. Within the pages of this series, we embark on a voyage where traditional paradigms intersect with emerging trends, technological disruptions, and societal transformations. From the intricacies of supply chain management to the dynamics of organizational behavior, from the nuances of financial markets to the impact of digital innovations, we delve deep into the multifaceted dimensions of modern business.

This book series is published in three languages: English, Albanian, and Italian.

Aims and Scope
Our journey begins with a quest to unravel the intricacies of business complexity. We seek to understand the underlying forces driving the interconnectedness of viable business systems, from the emergence of global supply chains to the proliferation of digital platforms and service ecosystems.
As we navigate through the maze of business functions, we explore the dynamic interactions that shape organizational behavior, decision-making processes, and strategic initiatives. We examine how businesses adapt to changing market conditions, foster entrepreneurial innovations, and capitalize on emerging opportunities amidst uncertainty and disruption.
Central to our exploration is the quest to uncover strategies for resilience and risk management in an increasingly volatile world. We delve into the art of balancing risk and reward, building organizational resilience, and navigating uncertainty with agility and foresight.
Yet, our journey goes beyond mere analysis of business functions; it delves into the ethical and sustainable dimensions of business complexity. We examine the moral imperatives facing businesses in today’s interconnected world, from corporate responsibility to environmental sustainability, and the pursuit of societal well-being.

Editorial Board
Xhimi Hysa
Associate Professor of Innovation and R&D Management, POLIS University, Albania; Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan, Italy
Laura Riolli
Full Professor of Organizational Behavior, California State University, Sacramento, USA
Mustafa Üç
Associate Professor of Accounting & Auditing, Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands 

Executive Board
Besnik Aliaj
Rector of POLIS University
Sotir Dhamo
Administrator of POLIS University
Elona Karafili
Vice Rector for Research & Projects, POLIS University
Merita Toska
Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, POLIS University
Skënder Luarasi
Dean of the Faculty of Research and Development
Valerio Perna
Head of POLIS University Press

Advisory Board
Sergio Barile
Full Professor of Management, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
Francesco Polese
Full Professor of Digital Marketing & Management Systems, University of Salerno, Italy
Peter Nientied
Research Fellow on Social Innovation & Sustainable Tourism, POLIS University & Co-PLAN Institute, Albania
Sokol Celo
Chair and Associate Professor of Strategy and International Business, Suffolk University, USA

Scientific Committee
Gazmend Haxhia
Full Professor of Entrepreneurship, POLIS University, Albania
Andri Koxhaj
Full Professor of Management and Public Administration, University of Tirana, Albania
Orlando Troisi
Full Professor of Service Innovation, University of Salerno, Italy
Remzi Keco
Full Professor of Agrobusiness and Strategy, Agricultural University of Tirana, Albania
Mario Calabrese
Associate Professor of Innovation Design, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
Godiva Rembeci
Associate Professor of Business Statistics, POLIS University, Albania
Francesco Caputo
Associate Professor   Sustainability, University of Naples Federico II, Italy
Luca Carrubbo
Associate Professor of Service Marketing & Decision Making, University of Salerno, Italy
Maria Fedele
Associate Professor of Innovation & Digital Economy, University of Cassino and Southern Lazio, Italy
Francesca Iandolo
Tenure-track Researcher in Innovation and Sustainability, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

Review Board
Engjëll Pere
Full Professor of Managerial Economics, University of Tirana, Albania
Shefqet Suparaku
Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and International Business, POLIS University, Albania
Antonio La Sala
Lecturer in Management & Data Analytics, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
Emi Hoxholli
Lecturer in Accounting and Finance, POLIS University, Albania
Pietro Vito
Lecturer in Platforms and Algorithms for Business Decisions, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
Besjon Zenelaj
Lecturer in Marketing and Brand Management, EPOKA University, Albania
Raffaele D’Amore
Adjunct Professor in Management & Business Restructuring, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
Enton Duro
Lecturer in Macroeconomics, University of Tirana, Albania
Ledina Ferhati
Lecturer in Marketing and PR, POLIS University, Albania
Gerardo Bosco
Adjunct Professor of Planning & Strategic Management, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

The series adopts a text evaluation system based on the double-blind peer-review. The evaluation criteria adopted concern: the originality and significance of the proposed theme; the theoretical coherence and relevance of the references to the research areas of the series; the methodological structure and scientific rigor of the tools used; the clarity of the exposition and the completeness of the analysis.

Head of POLIS_Press:
Dr. Valerio Perna

Editor-in-Chief of the book series “Business Complexity and Meta-World Economics”:
Prof. Assoc. Xhimi Hysa

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