Forum A+P Vol.12

Forum A+P Vol.12

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Forum A+P Vol.12

Book Cover: Forum A+P Vol.12
Editions:PDF - Vol. 12

POLIS University publishes the “Forum A+P” journal, the only scientific and cultural magazine in the Albanian –speaking countries for the fields of architecture and territory planning. This magazine is recognized by the Ministry of Education and Science, the Academic Degrees Evaluation Committee and has an ISSN international registration code in France. The magazine is published in Albanian and English language and contains a package of scientific, informative articles and analysis.


Scientific Conference

[Re]appropriation of the city

Vibrant Squares_ Revival of City


MOBILIciTY International

Poster Competition


[Re]appropriation of The Property Limit

Story of an Apartment

Preservation of Cultural Heritage

City and Spiral Dynamics

Swiss Positions: 33 Take on Sustainable Approaches to Building

Projecting Tirana

Metro_POLIS Studio

Modernist Architecture in Tirana 1930-1940


Contemporary Architecture in Tirana….

The Pythagoras [un]Constant

Automotive Design Days


Automotive Design


Fashion is not neutral

Bed and Bunke

Educative Participative Events

European Mobility Day

The dialogue in the square

Bartering a Fairytale

[TUB 1] : Urban Bundle

[TUB 2] :Plastic Bottle Bus

[City Gaming] : Play The City

[City Gaming] :The Making Of

In the hood/ Green Plug-ins / Debate on [bus]

[urban provocations/ interactions]