The National Theatre of Tirana: a Non-Normative DNA SAIMIR KRISTO, VALERIO PERNA

The National Theatre of Tirana: a Non-Normative DNA SAIMIR KRISTO, VALERIO PERNA

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The National Theatre of Tirana: a Non-Normative DNA


Author: Saimir Kristo, Valerio Perna
Affiliation: Polis University

This is not just the fall of a building designed by Giulio Bertè in 1939, an important part of the architec-tural and Cultural heritage of Albania, as the building doesn't mark of only architectural value but of course of its impact in the urban morphology providing a qualitative public space in the center of the city of Tirana as an integral part of its conception, but the repeated act of the fall of democracy in Albania after the destruction of the historic houses of Tirana, the destruction of the National Stadium, and the collective memory and history of Albania. (Kristo in Bugaric, 2020)

Publisher: Polis_press

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