The creative process of statistical gathering and analysing in Dropull

The creative process of statistical gathering and analysing in Dropull

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The creative process of statistical gathering and analysing in Dropull

ISBN: 978-9928-347-01-5
DOI: 10.37199/o41006108
ISSN: 2959-4081

Author: Godiva Rembeci
Affiliation:  Polis University

Statistics are very important in enhancing the ability of the government to develop appropriate policies. Trustable statistics such as GDP, income per capita and living conditions, inflation rate, unemployment rate, projection of population, etc. are crucial in monitoring the achievement of national and local development goals. In addition, to guarantee better public services to the society, government both in central and local level should use statistics for finance allocation on land use planning, housing, health care, and providing education facilities. From that perspective, the setting up of information databases on urban and territorial planning represents an indispensable and imperative tool.
This so-called warehouse of microdata brings about the opportunity for the compilation of various statistics which should be used to measure and monitor the achievements related to the objectives of development strategies. While there is no doubt about the role of statistics in the development and monitoring of national and local strategies, when we talk about the production of statistics, availability of microdata is essential. Lack of data is more likely to occur when we refer to small size administrative areas such as local units or municipalities. In this contribute the case study consisting in process of data sources validation focused on demographic indicators and their role in defining the demographic profile of Dropull Municipality will be described.

Publisher: Polis_press

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