Layers of archeology CATERINA SPADONI

Layers of archeology CATERINA SPADONI

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Layers of archeology CATERINA SPADONI

ISBN: 978-9928-4459-1-9
DOI: 10.37199/o41003117
ISSN: 2959-4081

Author:  PhD researcher Caterina Spadoni
Affiliation: Polis University


The investigation of two different landscapes and two particular potentialities of the innate in the Seman river valley will be the object of study on this article. One of the factors analyzed is the cultural Heritage, a resource that is waiting to be connected to a larger system. The other factor is the industrial legacy, which is waiting to be in some parts stopped and reorganized. Starting from those two apparently different qualities of the valley, the research tries to build a unique system of strategies for landscape regeneration. The strategies refer to two key studies for both potentialities: one study is Carbonia Park,
in Sardinia, which is a recent example of conversion and conservation of an ex-productive area in a Mediterranean context, and the other one is the Via Appia close to Rome, and the surrounding area that crosses by. The peculiarity of the Seman valley, indeed, is the different historical and industrial layer, as a typical potential for some areas of the Mediterranean, where an important and still present, historical basis can be connected to other periods of development. Another interesting redevelopment of large-scale of productive areas is the Emsher Park, in Germany. Emsher Park is a regional park, which claims a territory completely occupied by abandoned industries, where the landscape is almost exclusively represented in historical values by industrial archeology of the last century. Different areas will be examined, because the aim is to suggest strategies to relate to these different solutions in only one region, as the Seman valley is not involved in an already clear system, by pointing out places and qualitative characteristics of the existing area.


Publisher: Polis_press

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