Fragments as methodology / an overview of OMB’s research

Fragments as methodology / an overview of OMB’s research

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Fragments as methodology / an overview of OMB's research

ISBN: 978-9928-4459-9-5
DOI: 10.37199/o41004102
ISSN: 2959-4081

Author: Loris Rossi
Affiliation:  Polis University

The idea of this International workshop organized for the 32nd cycle PhD students in the frame of the IDAUP joint International PhD program between POLIS University, in Albania, and University of Ferrara, in Italy, needs to be introduced through several points linked with some of the most important overall research objectives addressed by the Observatory of the Mediterranean Basin (OMB). Such points must be intended as the first achievements of a very young unit within the applied research department at POLIS University, and as guidelines for the readers in order to better understand the methodology and the approach of this book and its future developments1. The first topic that must be stressed is the importance of this fourth edition in relation to the applied research concept, always connecting practice to academia. Since its foundation in 2015, one of the main objectives of the OMB is to engage, within a specific research agenda, professional design contracts at National or, as in this case, Regional scale. The city of Shkoder and the surrounding region have been studied from the 32nd cycle PhD students for more than one year, through urban and landscape projects, with the aim of elaborating further some of the topics addressed by the plan developed between 2015 and 2017by POLIS University in cooperation with a research group from Arizona State University, and supported by the Municipality of Shkoder. As a result of this research the PhD students elaborated an overview of practical tools linked to theoretical aspects. All the projects emphasize the specificity of the Shkoder region and take into consideration most of the problems between lake, river, and sea.

Publisher: Polis_press

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