Ecological-urbanism in semi-urban areas after sprawl. The case of Tirana North

Ecological-urbanism in semi-urban areas after sprawl. The case of Tirana North

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Ecological-urbanism in semi-urban areas

ISBN: 978-9928-175-52-6
DOI: 10.37199/o41001116
ISSN: 2959-4081

Author:  PhD Researcher Dorina Papa
Affiliation: Polis University, Tirana Albania

Over the last 23 years, Tirana has seen dramatic transformations. In particular, the semiurban area of Tirana North (the area between the city and the airport) has been gradually developed without planning or even any appropriate infrastructure, by converting fertile agricultural land into informal small-scale housing sprawl. Surrounded by important infrastructure axes, but without any proper connection to the city, this area seems particularly isolated. The river, another internal boundary in the area, the presence of which is almost not perceived because of the pollution and the lack of infrastructure between the two banks of the river, causes further fragmentation of the sprawl.

Publisher: Polis_press

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