The Folkloric Spirit Through the Form. In the Case of Tirana Recents Architectural Development

The Folkloric Spirit Through the Form. In the Case of Tirana Recents Architectural Development

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The Folkloric Spirit Through the Form

ISSN: 2227-7994

Author: Remijon Pronja, Armela Lamaj
Affiliation: POLIS University

This paper aims to analyze the methodological differences of the sculptural-aesthetic form in architecture. The so-called sculptural form has always been looking for an aesthetic realization in arts, but today we see more and more architectural examples that are proposed as such. In the Pier Paolo Pasolini's short documentary ‘The Shape of the City’, we see contemplated the shape of the city of Orte in Viterbo, Italy, where he referred to the different as a form that destroys the complexity of the whole, but he clarifies that he is talking from an aesthetic point of view. This phenomenon, especially in Albania, is more noticeable around the central areas of the cities, where in some cases the architectural forms has been transformed, evoking some folkloristic symbols. The architect and the artist are no longer differentiated, so these phenomena can be more visible in the facades of many new buildings in the city of Tirana. Analyzing the shape of buildings in the city of Tirana in the last 10 years, we see many recent shapes through folkloric elements. This way of designing by architects working with cities like Tirana is creating disconnection with the organic parts of the city and alienating it. The new image of the city, with skyscrapers like Down Town or Skanderbeg Tower are a direct reflection of the representation of the folkloric form. The question arises spontaneously; do these forms bring sustainability for a contemporary image of the city as a representative of its time? The paper will ask the above question and at the same time examine the possibilities of these forms to be representative of the development of the city in the contemporary spirit and the appearance of at least a nationalist spirit through the form.

Publisher: Polis_press