Seeking Production Footprints on Behalf of Innovation, City of Gjirokastra ERIDA CURRAJ

Seeking Production Footprints on Behalf of Innovation, City of Gjirokastra ERIDA CURRAJ

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Seeking Production Footprints on Behalf of Innovation, City of Gjirokastra ERIDA CURRAJ

ISBN: 978-9928-4459-8-8
DOI: 10.37199/o41007109
ISSN: 2959-4081

Author: PhD. Erida Curraj

One of the main findings of my PhD dissertation1 is the emergent awareness for protecting the Albanian Industrial Heritage. The Industrial Heritage in Albania is under-researched, and few actions have been taken to preserve it. Each day is costing a huge loss to the Albanian Heritage and the preservation of the historic sites. This paper identifies the industrial landscape of Gjirokastra during the years 1950 - 90. The main challenge has been the documentation and gathering evidence on this topic, since there is a lack of previous research about Industrial Heritage in Gjirokastra in particular and Albania in general. No previous studies have focused on the industrial infrastructure of this city. In this regard, this paper aims to foster a political, institutional, and civic awareness on preserving the industrial heritage. Through an active understanding of its production capacity, Gjirokastra will be the next destination of the investment on the preservation of industrial heritage. Gjirokastra’s case study could be a good practice for the preservation of the industrial heritage of the other cities in Albania.

Publisher: Polis_press

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