RETHINKING GJIROKASTRA. Can architecture and city planning stimulate hope and growth for shrinking cities? BESNIK ALIAJ, LORIS ROSSI, LLAZAR KUMARAKU

RETHINKING GJIROKASTRA. Can architecture and city planning stimulate hope and growth for shrinking cities? BESNIK ALIAJ, LORIS ROSSI, LLAZAR KUMARAKU

150 150 Sadmira Malaj


ISBN: 978-9928-4459-8-8
DOI: 10.37199/o41007117
ISSN: 2959-4081

Author: Prof. Dr. Besnik Aliaj, Dr. Loris Rossi, Dr. Llazar Kumaraku
Affiliation: POLIS University

This Workshop is a research activity organized annually under the framework of the International PhD Program of POLIS University (Albania) and Ferrara University (Italy), in the fields of Architecture and City Planning. Aimed at the 35th PhD cycle candidates, the workshop builds on the previous and ongoing research work, focusing in the territorial, city and architecture scales, and is developed under the framework of the Scientific Research Department (R&D Faculty) in cooperation with the Observatory of the Mediterranean Basin (OMB) a sub-unit if IF Innovation Factory, at POLIS University which is a “center of excellence” in housing, planning and development with focus on sustainability and resilience, established din cooperation with Co-PLAN Institute, Ministry of Finance of Albania, and UNECE. Each year the research activity promoted by the PhD workshop is aimed at a specific topic, which is then opens for debate and critical analysis by each PhD student individually, in order to develop their capacity for operating, within any given planning context, by developing theoretical tools, able to generate design processes and new research paths. This year’s topic will concern the case of Gjirokastra UNESCO city, as one of the key cities in Southern Albania with a high risk of depopulation. The historical city patterns is questioned under the cultural challenge of “Shrinking Cities”, an international research platform created and coordinated by Philipp Oswalt in between 2002-2008 . The social and political crises addressed by the Albanian nation in the past has opened a critical debate between local authorities and the different cultural disciplines like city planning, architecture, art, journalism and philosophy. One of the main objectives of this International PhD workshops since 2015 is to collect multidisciplinary experiences coming from different fields of architectural knowledge, in order to consolidate a group of researchers and professionals with a capacity to accept new complexity and challenge for the future urban crises, thanks to a multi- disciplinary approach.

Publisher: Polis_press

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