Re-active Riviera /competition description METROPOLIS STUDIO

Re-active Riviera /competition description METROPOLIS STUDIO

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Re-active Riviera /competition description


Author:  MetroPolis Studio
Affiliation: Polis University, Tirana  Albania

The Riviera Competition was launched by Atelier Albania, mandated by the Ministry of Urban Development and Tourism and the Office of the Prime Minister, in 2014. The international design competition was aimed to the improvement of the public space, in the southern coast strip. Such area attracts the majority of the local and international tourists coming to Albania and is a generator for the economy of the whole region especially during the summer. The Reactive Riviera proposal has been developed for such competition by a multidisciplinary team that collect several expertises from Sealine and Metropolis. In its early elaboration it has also been fed by the theoretical contribution of Polis&UniFe's PhD candidates. This mix allowed to accomplish the competition challenges and in some way to go beyond it proposing a “process” more than a “steady” project.

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