Exploring the balance between common and private spaces. A case study from Tirana

Exploring the balance between common and private spaces. A case study from Tirana

150 150 Sadmira Malaj
DOI: DOI: 10.37199/c41000109

Author: Hera MARJANAKU, Ph.D. Candidate. Marsela Plyku DEMAJ, Dr. Llazar KUMARAKU
Affiliation: POLIS University

This article explores the relationship between private spaces (dwellings), common spaces and the presence of the human factor. In the consideration that the dwelling space as a phenomenon takes place in both the inside and its outside immediate urban setting, these levels of scale are often intertwined; they are inextricably linked in a complex entanglement of interests. Changes on one level have immediate implication for others. A search on urban design should consider all levels as intertwined in a constant search for improvement as a whole.

The aim of this paper is to explore the changing relationships between the community and private and common spaces through the history of urban transformation in one of the dense urban areas close to the Tirana centre. Tirana is a particular example displayed throughout its history and still continuing to display great and fast urban transformations in its territory. The case study area displays signs from the most distinct urban transformations of the city.
Based on a space syntax assessment from the field and using a diagrammatic analysis-comparison methodology, the following points are explored:
1. relationship between the individual and the common space
2. relationship between the individual and the semi-private territory surrounding the dwelling (courtyard / garden)
3. relationship between the individual and the private space (dwelling)
Conclusions obtained from this analysis of the existing situation will be compared in a formal way with the same relationships in a previous historic period, showing the level of transformation and changing levels of relationships between private and common spaces.

Publisher: Polis_press


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