Air Quality Status of Tirana. Temporal effects of COVID-19 restrictions on the decrease of urban air pollution. Rodion GJOKA

Air Quality Status of Tirana. Temporal effects of COVID-19 restrictions on the decrease of urban air pollution. Rodion GJOKA

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Air Quality Status of Tirana. Rodion GJOKA

DOI: 10.37199/c41000127

Author: Ph.D. Candidate. Rodion GJOKA
Affiliation: Co-Plan, Albania


This research paper builds on the analytical work conducted by Co-PLAN, Institute for Habitat Development under the “Green Lungs for Our Cities” project, supported by the EU Delegation in Albania. This specific publication consists of the analysis of data from a dedicated ground-based monitoring process conducted from March 11th to May 11th, 2020 in 4 different locations of Tirana on PM2.5, PM10 and NO2, based on the protocol and practice established by the Alter- native Monitoring Methodology of the Green Lungs project (link). This in the perspective of the effect that quarantine had on specific pollutants in comparison with before and after the period of restrictions. Other sources, such as publications from the World Bank “Regional Note on Air Quality Management in Western Balkans”, +IQAir “2019 World Air Quality Report”, European Environmental Agency “Air Quality in Europe – 2019 Report” and “Assessing Air Quality through citizens science”, were also consulted during the analysis of data from this 62-days monitoring practice. The data provide an overview of how concentration levels of the selected air pollutants changed during the lockdown phase and after the removal of measures. The purpose of the mon- itoring process and the report was threefold

  1. (i)  to verify the direct linkages between air pollutants and sources of pollution,
  2. (ii)  raise awareness of air pollution among state and non-state actors,
  3. (iii)  propose relevant measures to reduce urban air pollution for the near to mid-term future.
Publisher: Polis_press


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